Zara Home Pure Gardenia Candle

I’m kind of worried about posting this one. Mainly for selfish reasons. If you, like me, are a candle lover (obsessive) and have not seen Zara Home’s selection, you are missing a big, fat, smelly, cheap trick. 🙂

These candles are pure vegetable wax, twice the size of ‘other’ famous candles, (a lot of which, incidentally, are paraffin wax), double-wicked and burn for 80 hours.

And they are £19.99. Yes. £20 for 80 hours. Obviously, my favourite fragrance is the Pure Gardenia, but they come in a whole host of other flavours including Black Vanilla and Ginger Lily – both also beautiful.

If there is no Zara Home near you, they are available online from Just do me a favour – please don’t buy them all. 🙂