Cellulitis – and a spider in the bed

Full service on the blog won’t be around for a couple of days as I spent most of the last two days in hospital with cellulitis*. Never had it before, and I’m not in a rush to experience it again thank you.

I was rushed in because the symptoms are the same as deep vein thrombosis. Redness, swelling, burning to the touch etc – so with two 11-hour flights coming up before the end of the month at least it’s not that

We had no idea where it could have come from – I had only been working, hadn’t been in any parks, hadn’t been bitten to my knowledge – until Mr Hirons headed home from A&E at 5am on Sunday morning to find a black spider waiting for him on my side of the bed. It crawled over to say ‘Hello’ to him too.

So that’s nice. *tries not to irrationally burn the bed and put it on stilts*

So if you’ll bear with me, I am still publishing another hint about the Cult Beauty Box tomorrow before the big reveal, but it means I have had to postpone filming my Q&A and a planned chat with Dr Sam. GAH. I’ll be back in a jif. It’ll be like you never got rid of me. 🙂

Me on bedrest = caged animal. I’m around. Just can’t type a lot! 

*I caught it very early. It looks nothing like the images on Google. Don’t do it to yourselves. *bleaches eyes*