MUJI Skincare

Well this is certainly going to please a lot of my lovely readers. Especially those with sensitivity to fragrance and those of you on tight budgets. *calling all students*

MUJI, home of all beauty bloggers favourite storage, have relaunched their skincare and it shows great promise. It is fragrance, alcohol, paraben, dye and mineral oil free. Although that alone makes it attractive, the price point and sheer value of the products mean it is worth checking out for everyone, not just those mentioned.

Coming from the Far East, it advocates double cleansing, has a selection of essences and even sheet masks (YAY!).

There are three collections, Cleansing, Sensitive and High Moisture and prices start at £3.95 and go up to a whopping (she says sarcastically) £14.95 for the High Moisture Essence Lotion. Don’t worry about the descriptions either, the soaps aren’t ‘soaps’ of old, they’re not loaded with SLS.
The Moisturising Essence for Eye Contour – second tube from the left in the picture above is worth checking out at £10.95 for 30ml.

I’ve added various items from the High Moisture range to my shelves and will report back but in the meantime, at these prices and sizes, it’s worth checking out for yourself right now.

Your only immediate challenge is that it is exclusive to Selfridges for 3 months.