Sunday Facial Week 1

And another new regular feature…..I don’t know why I haven’t done this before because I do some sort of multi-stepped mask facial every weekend and even more often if I’m travelling.

After having my huge sort-through/clear out yesterday, I decided to up the ante and get as much of my routines/day-to-day goings-on up here or over on YouTube, including occasional vlogs. I KNOW. Me, vlogging. I hesitated for a long time but I actually get to see/do so much cool stuff that I figured I just needed to GET OVER MYSELF and get on with it.

Today’s facial was a 3 step but not of the usual kind. I started with Omorovicza’s Deep Cleansing Mask which seems to be ‘zingier’ than the last pot I had. Maybe it’s a change in my skin but this one definitely has more ‘oomph’ and more tingle.

I tend to apply this all over my face and then add a second layer between the eyebrows (occasionally spotty for me because of my glasses), on the chin and on the cheeks.

I removed with a warm flannel and then I went in with P50 1970 Formula. I haven’t used this for over 2 years and have Jordan to thank for bringing me a bottle over from the US when he was in town recently. Over 2 years since I breathed in that phenol whiff! 🙂 I applied this on to cotton wool, took it slowly but surely all over the face, including lips, working top to bottom, then flipped it over and went back up the neck, over the cheeks and finished on the forehead. Numb bliss.

Then it was time for some serious hydration. Jane Scrivner’s Ultra Hydration Masque went in a thick layer all around my eyes in a circle, followed by a light layer of SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque – I let that absorb and then went in slightly heavier handed with another layer as below….

Make sure you remember to take the hydrating mask right up and around the orbital eye area and don’t forget the lips. I used Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Magic and again applied it fairly thickly.

The redness is to be expected after using P50, that’s its job. It subsides fairly quickly, especially once the masks are put on top. 

I let everything soak in for a good 15 minutes, then spritz with a hydrating toner/water, in this case, Institut Esthederm’s Eau Cellulaire, and apply more.

After another ten minutes or so you can remove any excess with a warm, damp flannel and apply another hydrating eye cream and moisturiser. You won’t need much, your skin should be ‘topped up’.

All of these steps can be replicated using whatever products you have that do a similar job, more affordable options – especially for the clay mask step and lip balm for example, will still work well. 

See you next Sunday! (maybe without the close-ups of my face though!) 🙂