The first Ulta body/hair smash’n’grab

So just a quick one for today as I’m silly busy in LA but want to keep daily postings going (YAY ME!). 😉

We popped into an Ulta briefly – I’ll hit it properly before I come home – and I did what I always do and grabbed all the Pacifica I could get my hands on. Yes, you can get it in the UK but it’s not everywhere, they don’t always have enough stock and it’s twice the price. I haven’t used the Hand & Body Lotion Wipes before so thought I’d give them a go as we’re coming into warmer weather (at least I hope we are) and fancy having them to play with.

Tahitian Gardenia is my first choice and the Indian Coconut Nectar, Ruby Guava and Vanilla are all on my must-grab list, so I’ll get those before I head home.

The Shea Moisture products were affordable and so I thought I’d give them a whirl also – the scent is Tahitian Noni & Monoi with cherry and pink grapefruit. Yes please.

Then the Big Sexy Hair large size was on a 2 for 1. Literally BOGOF so I pounced. Sulfate-free Volumising Conditioner that is really light and really lovely.

Not bad going for a ten minute lunch grab. 😉

See you tomorrow!