Well that went well… the L.A. Diaries Part One

The first brew in LA. Home made – obvs.

So I’ve been back from my L.A. trip for three days and am still in a jetlag haze. It’s worse than when I travelled to the Far East. Ugh. 

Anyway….onwards and upwards. To say I carried back a lot of product is an understatement, my luggage weighed over 100kg. I couldn’t quite believe it myself and looked rather sheepishly at the check-in lady when she said in the nicest, non-judgemental Cali accent ‘Wow. You’ve been busy! You must be strong! Hey fellas, can you give me a hand with this lady’s bags?’ 

Oh the shame. Dear reader the shame. 

Our only Target time. Had I known we wouldn’t get time to go back, I’d have done more damage.

Just as well I only managed one trip to Target eh? *covers eyes* 

I have a ton of posts to write, plus a week’s worth of vlogging to edit. It’ll be up asap but based on my current sleep/coma/wide awake at 4am schedule, I’m not putting any times on anything – they’ll be ready when they’re ready!

Red, swollen, itchy, puffy, sandpaper face. All good now though…

Apologies for the lack of posts this last week – I had every plan to keep up the daily blogging (If any of you noticed I had, until last week, blogged every day this year, a miracle for me!) and then last Saturday I had a horrible allergic reaction – source sadly still unknown* – and literally took to my bed dosed up on antihistamines. When I say ‘dosed’, I mean ‘doped’. Hello Benadryl!
That was Saturday/Sunday, I flew out Monday, landed Tuesday and have been in said sleep/coma/wide awake situation since.

So thank you for your patience, regular service will resume imminently – as will a shedload of YouTube action. First I just have to be able to remain awake for more than 3 hours at a time.

*I’m all good now thank you – and yes I am dealing with the worsening allergy situation.