How to use your Cult Beauty Box!

Hi Everyone! Wow – Cult Beauty move quickly – some of you have already received your boxes!

I thought it might be helpful if I did a quick post on how to use all of the contents together in a routine?

Just a quick note for those of you that are leaving comments on my various channels saying you’re disappointed that you aren’t going to get one because ‘you don’t get paid until Monday’ – please don’t worry – we made more than double the amount of boxes on this run than the first one.

You should still be able to buy one on Monday. *fingers crossed*

First up is RMS Coconut Cream. This is where you want to start either your evening routine or a quick cleanse in the morning. This removes all makeup, including mascara, really easily and gently and is great for all skin types. Make sure you remove with a proper flannel/face cloth. There is no splashing this off! Original review here:

Skyn Iceland’s Pure Cloud Cleanser is perfect for all types of cleansing, although I tend to use it for either second cleanse in the evening, or a quick cleanse in the morning. It’s softening, non-foaming and leaves no residue, although obviously, we’d be using a flannel here too. 🙂

Follow those up with gold old GT. Not G&T. Glow Tonic.

5% glycolic acid in a non-alcohol base, witch hazel, aloe vera and ginseng all ensure you exfoliate while not disturbing or drying out the skin. You can use Glow Tonic twice a day or add it to your acid collection and dip in and out, which is what I do. Original review here:

Eyes are next. Skin Owl’s Eye+ is one of the most cooling, soothing and softening eye creams that I’ve ever used. It’s almost instantaneously firming and offers immediate relief. The gel texture allows you to use the smallest amount, and that is all you need.

Serum-wise you have choices! REN’s Omega 3 Optimum Skin Oil is perfect for adding immediate glow and radiance to your skin. Adding a couple of drops to your morning routine under your moisturiser will help hold moisture in your skin all day without feeling heavy or cloying. Original review here:

Odacite’s Hydration Serum Concentrate would be my choice for the evening routine. Cold-pressed and refined, this Pomegranate and Geranium combination is heavy in fatty acids and helps to heal and nourish the skin. You should see a change in your skin after one use. Original review here:

Given how nourishing the serum choices were, I wanted to choose a fresher moisturiser for this box. Essential Hydration Cream is light, hydration-heavy and the effects last 24 hours. A teeny amount on top of either serum will last all day and makes a brilliant makeup base.

Pommade Divine is the multi-tasking must-have that you can use anywhere, everywhere and on everyone. Regular readers will know that I burned my arm this summer – to add to the ‘July sucked’ list – this worked beautifully in helping it heal quickly and took down the ‘heat’ of the burn. You can use it on hair, skin and nails – I’ve used it on the kids multiple times since my own burn.

I hope that helps give an overview of the box contents. Do leave me a comment if you have any question on how to use any of the products, and obviously any feedback you have!

The value of the box for those of you asking can be seen below.
SKIN OWL EYE+ – £36.00

The total value of the box is over £170.00 and it costs £100.00 and ships free Internationally.  If you haven’t purchased yet, you can do so here: