Michael Kors Gold Collection

I’ve had a love affair with Mr Kors for a long time. As I mentioned recently on my Instagram, I was a bag, wallet and watch girl long before he did THIS:

Which, of course, sealed the deal. Let’s not all pretend you don’t think Girls on Film isn’t the best song ever made for ads, you know it is. *is literally playing Duran Duran on a loop now*

ANYWAY: these three fragrances are the latest addition to the Kors stable and do not disappoint for fans of the originals.

White Luminous Gold is pear/jasmine/amber.
Rose Radiant Gold is spice/floral/musk.
24k Brilliant Gold is mandarin/floral/woody.

All are exactly as you would expect, with satisfying, ridiculously heavy packaging.

Available now from Escentual.com priced from £39.00 – £79.00.

I’ll be the one in the corner smelling fabulous dancing to Duran. Forever.