Currently reading…..

After mentioning in yesterday’s post that I like to curl up in fresh bedding with a good book, I had a few requests asking for my current reading list. Truth be told, I don’t have one. I have books. Piles and piles of books. They’re generally broken into a few categories – namely, murder, music, people, photography and self-help. And cooking. Always the cooking.

The 700 Nimes Road in the picture above is the photographic account of Elizabeth Taylor’s house during her last days (taken with her full permission – this is not TMZ). I love nosying in people’s houses and this is no exception. There are some peeks inside on this week’s vlog.

Haven’t read all of the above yet, but I’ve picked through most of them. I’ve moved Grace and Amy to my bedside to make sure I get properly into those ones.

Betty Halbreich was the personal shopper at Bergdorf’s for years. Her memoirs are a great insight into the high-end lifestyle of shoppers and the industry in general. This article is a great intro to her if you weren’t aware of her previously:

The rock biographies I read just for the laughs. The Dirt by Motley Crue and Tommyland take some beating for the depravity and filth content though.  If that’s your thing… 😉

People in business are always a good bet for hints and tips if running your own business is what you do/want to do. The Arianna Huffington one is a tad slow for me, the Aliza Licht one a little ‘young’ – all worth a quick browse though.

Hidden at the top of this pile is the Marie Kondo Tidying book. It thrills me that one of the best selling books in the UK is a book on tidying. Now all we need is a Dettol candle and I’ll be all set.

Annnd a little murder to finish things off. After all, if you can’t read murder curled up in bed all cosy, when can you??