Recommended Facialists – Teresa Tarmey

I’ve had a lot of facials. A LOT. At one point in my career, my job was testing every facial in town. I know. Hard work, but someone had to do it. As much as I love giving facials, my current back and ongoing whiplash situation mean it would be foolhardy and unwise for me to give facials in the near future. Certainly not in 2015. So I thought I would post about my favourite facialists – and share the joy. 😉

Last week, at the invitation of Cloud 9 Solutions, Teresa Tarmey pummelled my skin within an inch of its life. And it was glorious. Teresa’s massage is the closest I have found to my own. Intense, targeted and firm. No messing about. That’s where our similarities end however, as Teresa also offers peels, laser for pigmentation issues, LED light therapy, skin rejuvenation therapy and the Venus Viva treatment. She’s truly brilliant.

And the best part? No faff. We bonded over our lack of desire for arm and hand massages and long neck massages during a ‘facial’. Like I said in one of my earliest posts, ‘please fix my face, if I want a body massage that’s what I’ll book in for’. Teresa gets more done in an hour than most do in two.

I’m almost loathe to tell you about it – she’s already hard to see, I don’t want to make it even harder, but I am always asked about facialists that I recommend, and I cannot recommend Teresa highly enough. She’s based in North London, and is worth the trip if you don’t live nearby.

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