Stem Cells – the nonsense continues

Nearly three years ago I wrote this post about stem cells and the utter nonsense of brands claiming that plant stem cells can ‘reactivate stem cells’.

I don’t usually repeat posts of this nature – but these claims are getting more and more outrageous and when I am offered a £100 spray – a spray – that says ‘phyto-stem cell extract protects and activates dermal stem cells’, frankly I call bullshit. In their defence, at least this particular brand says ‘dermal’, unlike a lot of others, who randomly throw the words ‘stem cells’, ‘repair’, ‘reactivate’ and ‘regenerate’ around like it’s nothing.

This is my friend Lorraine.

Lorraine was my much-talked about favourite Clarins consultant who got me my first interview in the beauty industry for Aveda. I got the job. The rest is history and one of the reasons you are reading this.

Eleven years ago, when we were both working on the shop floor in Fenwick, Lorraine was paralysed when a man jumped off a balcony in a nightclub and landed directly on top of her.

The words ‘stem cell’ and ‘regenerate’ and ‘repair’ matter a lot to Lorraine and her family and friends.

So I hope you’ll forgive me for losing my patience when I see the words banded about so freely by brands to sell skincare, when nothing, nothing – so far – repairs human stem cells in that way. Certainly not some cells extracted from your hydrangea bush.

If you have £100 to spend on a ‘stem cell’ spray, perhaps you might consider donating it to Spinal Research instead. At least there, we may, eventually, get a result.

More information on Lorraine, the Cure Girls and spinal research can be found here:

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In the meantime, if you’re using the cells taken from a plant stem in skincare, please make it exceedingly clear to your consumer that you in no way expect those products to actually affect human stem cells. It’s a nonsense.

Sorry for the rant.