Give and Makeup Christmas/Winter Appeal

Time goes so quickly – I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas again and that Give and Makeup is 5 years old.
For newer readers, Give and Makeup is something I started to support women and children in Refuge and Women’s Aid shelters across the UK.
Last year we also started supporting the CRI Outreach Project in North London. CRI helps people of all ages that are vulnerable in communities through homelessness, abuse or addiction. More info on CRI can be found here.

Every year we ask for extra donations for the families in the shelters, particularly the children, who have frequently had to leave their homes with absolutely none of the possessions.

Further info on sending parcels to Refuge/Women’s Aid:

  • gifts need to be suitable for ages between newborn and 15
  • all clothing is welcome especially pyjamas and coats
  • baby vests/babygros/blankets
  • no toy weapons please
  • no borderline ‘sexy’ items of underwear (it has happened in the past)
  • no items of a religious nature
  • new or nearly new please
  • boxes can be packed according to one child/gender or a mixture across all ages
  • please don’t worry about wrapping anything as it will all have to be checked thoroughly before being given to the children

For the ladies in shelters:

  • new or ‘as good as new’ underwear of all sizes – including bras. Please ensure it is washed and clean.
  • makeup – mascaras and lip glosses preferably new for hygiene reasons – everything else can be lightly used
  • skincare
  • bath and body

For the homeless ladies via CRI:

  • Underwear – bras and knickers. Washed and clean please. We all have underwear that no longer fits us in our drawers. And it’s not heavy to post!
  • Feminine hygiene products. Sanitary towels, tampons, washes and wipes. Desperately. If you work in the industry and have access to these items please ask your CSR department to consider helping these women.
  • toothbrushes/toothpaste/deodorant
  • hairbrushes/shampoo/conditioner/dry shampoo
  • Coats
  • Boots
  • Scarves/gloves
  • General basics – jeans/leggings/t-shirts/jumpers

As a rule of thumb, we accept pretty much anything – these people have next to nothing or literally nothing.

Give and Makeup does not accept donations of money and I have no contact with CRI donations. We’re just the messenger/facilitator.

All addresses are on the separate Give and Makeup page on the tabs above.

If you are a PR or brand that knows how to contact me privately and wants to help in any way please do give me a shout.

Give and Makeup only operates in the UK. If you live abroad and are interested in sending parcels – of course we happily accept them but I would urge you to start your own donation-led programme in your country. Homelessness and domestic violence is a worldwide problem.