Links of London Sweetie Charm Bracelet

I know this is nothing new to most of you. But I finally took the plunge and bought a Links of London charm bracelet last week. Actually, I made Mr Hirons go to the till so that I could say he paid for it, but that was all he did. It was a token gesture. 🙂

Anyway: I wear three or four different types of jewellery. I have a gold wedding band that doesn’t come off – not that I don’t want to wear it – don’t get me wrong – but it’s been on there so long that it’s just stuck. So I tend to wear complimentary rings on my left hand.

I wear pearl or diamond stud earrings most days, then I wear a motley crue (see what I did there?) of heavy duty silver on my right hand. You could say I like to cover all my bases. 

ANYWAAAAYYY. I took the plunge and went with the Sweetie Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet and two charms to get me going.The Leo charm in gold…

and the Bee Happy Bee Charm as a nod to the Mr as he is on a mission to save the bees single-handedly so it seemed fitting.

However, had I seen this one, it would have gone straight on my arm.

Ladies and Gentlemen: I give you, a TEAPOT.

OH you KNOW that’s next.

I’m looking forward to filling my arm up with Hirons-relevant candy. 

Now if only there was a flannel charm….

Links of London Sweetie Charm Bracelet is £175.00 and available at