NARS Steven Klein One Shocking Moment Palette

If you’re a blush/bronzer addict like my good self, brace yourselves for this one. It contains Laguna bronzer, Paloma sculpting powders (top left) and four blushers. FOUR. Robotic, Blasphemy, Luster and Dolce Vita. It’s going to be really hard for me to use this in the correct fashion, when my instinct is to just swirl a huge brush over everything and throw it all on my face.

Just kidding. Obviously I’m not going to use it, it’s going in the hidden Limited Edition stash. That’s why I have to buy in doubles. I have issues. I know.

The One Shocking Moment Palette is £49.00 will be available exclusively from and the pre-order opens soon. More info here as and when it happens: