Cult Beauty Box Announcement

FIRSTLY: if you didn’t even WANT A BOX, couldn’t afford a box, hate the boxes, I’m sorry that this has taken over the blog this week, normal service will resume tomorrow with a Cheat Sheet by way of an apology and I haven’t finished dehydration products! 🙂

The rest of you with an interest in the Box…..

WE HAVE MORE. Very limited stock, but more.

SO: people that were on the waitlist and ONLY people that were originally on the waitlist and did not buy a box:

  • Being on the waitlist does not guarantee you a box.
  • Being on the waitlist does not guarantee you a box.
  • You will receive an email shortly after 12pm tomorrow UK time. 
  • You are all getting it together – no staggered emails. As requested. May The Force be with you. 
  • PLEASE read the email carefully.
  • One email, one box. No-one – I repeat no-one – ‘ordered ten and ebayed them!’ Chill your tits. 

  • The email will offer you the box on a pre-order basis only. 
  • You will not – repeat – will NOT have this box before Christmas. We did not put the original box together in 24 hours, it obviously takes time to coordinate. It will ship early – mid February. 
  • No, unsurprisingly, discount codes are not valid with the box. If a near 50% discount isn’t enough then I can’t help you any further.
  • I apologise if this reads like I’m talking to a child. Just trying to be crystal clear and manage expectations.
  • Being on the waitlist does not guarantee you a box. 

Also: there are no Customer Service people on the phones at Cult Beauty today. I’d be surprised if they weren’t face down in a VAT of G&T after the grief they had this week, but that’s just me. 

Good Luck for tomorrow. I’ll be hiding and watching Poirot.