10 New Year Skin Resolutions


Some helpful skin/face tips to get your started in 2016……

  1. Do not foam. There are rare exceptions – but if in doubt, step away.
  2. Do not use soap. On your bum, absolutely. On your face? No.
  3. Do not scrub. There are very few exceptions. Pretty much step away. Especially if you have sensitivities, acne or rosacea. Absolutely not. No. Nada.
  4. DO acid. Daily. If you’re new to it and a bit nervous, start in the evenings.
  5. Do not over-exfoliate. We all love a good acid, but you can go overboard. If your cheeks are going too red, if you have milia, scale it back to PM only.
  6. Do not go oil-free. There’s really no need. You should absolutely go mineral-oil-free if you are especially acnaic, but there are good oils out there.
  7. Don’t go overboard on sugar. If you over-indulged in the holidays, now is the time to pull back.
  8. DO take an antihistamine if you have an angry spot brewing. Or if something makes you flush. A red, flushed skin leads to breakouts and sensitivity. Nip it in the bud. Make sure you buy the ones for skin allergies, not pollen.
  9. DO aim to up your water intake, not for hydration levels in the skin, but for hydration levels in your brain. Avoiding brain fog makes you think clearer, gives you more energy and enable you to..
  10. Stay calm. Stress is a killer. Bad for your body, really bad for your well-being and horrible for your skin. Make like Madge. She doesn’t strike me as a stresser. 😉