Budget Skincare – Waitrose Pure Range

I am constantly asked for budget friendly items and I love finding them, but they have to actually do something, not just ‘be cheap’ in order for me to recommend.

I hadn’t looked at the Waitrose Pure range properly in a while, and when I saw it instore today, I figured it was time to revisit.

While they won’t win any prizes for innovation, and the packaging gives new meaning to the word ‘basic’, you could do a lot worse than to check these four out if you are looking for skincare and your budget is your priority, or, you simply refuse to spend a lot of money on skincare. Fair enough.

The name of course, is a stretch, you can call it “pure’ all you want, it’s not going to turn this into an organic range. It is however, fragrance free, vegan, everything is recyclable etc – so it’s ticking a lot of boxes that more expensive brands don’t even attempt.

Performance-wise, again, as expected, it’s basic, but it’s a lot better than brands that claim to be simple in their formulations and are actually anything but. 

Standout products for me are the four above. 

I would avoid the eye gel if you have sensitive eyes as despite saying it’s for sensitivity, it contains a little menthol – which is unnecessary and odd in an eye cream. If, however, you suffer from tension headaches. migraines, work in schools/hospitals etc, if you apply a little after your moisturiser (back to front), you may find it gives light relief to the area.

The hand cream is non-sticky and perfectly adequate for all but the most dry of skins.

The moisturiser contains shea butter but is actually extremely light to use – to the point where it may not be enough for really dry skins, but normal/combination should be ok.

The facial oil is your best bet. It’s not completely pure, it’s not ‘green’, but if you are young and want a starter oil, are watching the purse strings, or just like collecting different products to dabble in and out of, try this out.

There are other products, including a face wash and face wipes, which I would still avoid, but then we know that. 🙂

The price points are beyond affordable – and at the moment they’re 50% off, meaning that the average price is £1.49, so you could buy all of the above for under £6.00.

Pure Face Range is available from Waitrose.com and Ocado.com (the offer is not valid on Ocado. They’re a whopping £2.99 each.)