Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation

When I said on Instagram yesterday that I thought I had come across the ‘Foundation of the Year’ on January 5th, I wasn’t exaggerating.

Chanel launch the addition to the Les Beiges collection on 15th January and this is one brilliant foundation.

I would go as far as to say love at first try. I don’t write a lot about foundations, primarily because I am ridiculously fussy. I mean ridiculously. I have used Chantecaille Just Skin (which really should be in the Hall of Fame – will remedy that) since it launched, dipping in and out with things like La Bella Donna (reviewed here), and pretty much always with Pixi Flawless Primer, but I have not really strayed from the Chantecaille path, one way or another, in over 10 years. Yep. 10. Before Just Skin launched I was a Future Skin addict. I just, for the most part, do not like the feel of foundation on my skin. I hate feeling like my skin cannot breathe. 

I think foundations, more so than moisturisers for example, are like shoes or a bag, when you ‘know’, you know. So when I put this on, I just knew. I gave it to the ultimate litmus tester, Mother. This woman has used every foundation released for the last 50+ years (don’t tell her I gave you that figure) and she called me immediately and said: 

‘Yes. Everything gone (imperfections). Glow works, but no shine. Not too pink for me. Not orange. Yes.’

The texture is more like a cream than a liquid, and upon application is flawless. It feels like velvet and looks like satin. It immediately covered my imperfections, but as Mother said, ‘without making me look like I’ve just been dug up’. You can see where I get my way with words.

For me, this was akin to applying an immediate filter to my face. The kind that people use on Instagram but say they don’t? That filter. It’s a mix of mineral pigment and soft focus powder, and it looks like it. I now want a concealer, powder, bronzer, highlighter in the same vein – everything needs to be made with this technology please Chanel.

This launches with 14 shades, although some of those look like being exclusive to the Far East, there are 9 shades listed for the UK at the moment. I can use No.40 or No.50, depending on the day/self tan etc.. I use Tan or Wheat in Just Skin for comparison. Jane has some swatches here.

You have just over a week until this launches. You need it in your life.

It’s ┬ú36.00. Will update with links and amount of shades once it’s live. Wow.

*I apologise in advance for the amount of Chanel that will be coming up on the blog and on my Instagram. I went a little crazy in Rue Cambon when I went to Paris with Ava last month. This is what happens when you take your equally-beauty-addicted teenage daughter to Paris and not your husband. The day is planned out by store locations, not art galleries. ­čśë