What to Buy? Kate Somerville

One of my most-asked questions on social is ‘What should I buy from XXX brand?’. There are lots of brands that contain within their offering things that I think everyone should at least check out – not necessarily buy, but perhaps consider them as an option when deciding where to invest your hard-earned cash.

When I was on a panel at a Harvey Nichols event a couple of years ago, I was asked what brand I would pick if I could only choose one for the rest of time. There is no way I could pick one, I answered with three. So I’ll start with one of them. The other two will be next.
Kate Somerville kicks off this new little series. Feel free to leave questions in the comments.

There are a lot of options in the KS range. Since the Unilever acquisition we can expect more NPD to be added much more frequently than in the past, but for now, what should you be checking out?

The Can’t Live Without:

When I die, they will have to bury me with Deep Tissue Repair. I’m not a big believer in the afterlife, but one shouldn’t take too many chances.
Firms, softens, eliminates dryness, restores elasticity, immediately alleviates any visible fine lines, feels like velvet. An absolute, ‘must-have at all times’ for me.
Top tip: I use this as a serum/cream hybrid. Apply a thin layer and add moisturiser on top. Makes it go further. This, for my skin, is about as good as it gets. More detail coming in a blog post this week.

$150 for 1oz (just under 30ml) from KateSomerville.com

The Must-Haves:

Settle in, there’s a few…..

In my Top 3 moisturisers of all time, Nourish is simple in its feel, but packed in its formula. This moisturiser is so ‘wet’, that it immediately relieves any hydration worries, whilst simultaneously sealing in moisture and anything underneath it, in my case usually Deep Tissue Repair or Age Arrest. It is loaded with peptides and retinyl palmitate and should be more expensive than it is. (Safe for pregnancy)

$65 for 50ml available from katesomerville.com

Goat Milk is what I reach for if my face needs a cashmere blanket and a cup of tea. Sensitivity/redness/rosacea – if your skin is in any way upset with you, maybe check this out. Jojoba, avocado, grape seed, aloe all nestled with lactic acid to help resurface without irritation. A winner on all fronts.

$65 for 50ml available from KateSomerville.com

Line Release Eye Repair is one of those products that is subtle in its delivery, yet works like a charm. If you’re worried about lines, this is worth looking at. It’s basically a bottle of peptides, which are designed to attack all the problem areas of the eyes. I use this more for lines/wrinkles than dark circles.

$125.00 for 15ml available from KateSomerville.com

Really great Vitamin C products are always hard to find due to their volatile nature, but this one is lush. Brightening, antioxidant, glow-giving, protecting, this little beauty does it all. The Vit C is micronized at 10% and separated from the main formula, which is predominantly omega oils to help prevent any irritation. You may still get a zing. I do love a zing.

$90.00 for 30ml from KateSomerville.com

ACIIIIDDDDD! I couldn’t list my favourites without these gems. The Clinic-To-Go Resurfacing Peel Pads contain lactic acid, niacinamide, phenol, onion, sage and usnic acid, but no glycolic, making these the closest thing to the original P50 1970 formula that you can buy, but in a buffing pad version. I will not be without these. I use once/twice a week, meaning they last over two months. Always in the evening. Follow with heavy duty serums and comforting moisturisers and you have yourself a perfect skincare storm.

$52.00 for 16 pads from KateSomerville.com

As regular readers will know, I do not recommend oil free moisturisers as a rule. This is a glorious exception. Adult-onset acne is a huge complaint and one of the biggest growing sectors in the market and I don’t like to be a cliche, but it happened to me. This moisturiser is soothing, hydrating and minimises any danger of blocked pores/aggravating breakouts by being loaded with algaes and good sugars. It almost stands alone in a market full of moisturisers whose only USP is that they contain no oil, by remembering that people with problem skin still want protecting from the signs of ageing. Products these days need to do more than just claim to be ‘oil-free’ and this one does.

$65.00 for 50ml from KateSomerville.com

RetAsphere Micro Peel is included because it blows out of the water the ‘never use acids with retinols’ old way of thinking. This is 10% glycolic acid and lactose built with a retinol time-release system that basically means the acids open the door to let the vitamin A enter. It’s a peel that you leave on, which is my preference, and causes me no irritation. Smoothing and firming, if you want a vitamin a product with kick, try this out. Diminishes fine lines and the look of pores.

$90.00 for 30ml from KateSomerville.com

Finally, Age Arrest Advanced Reviving Cream is what I would call a cross between an anti-ageing serum and moisturiser. It’s full of peptides and algaes and also pays attention to lengthening the life of the cell via telomere technology, something a lot of brands are starting to use. If you’re budgeting and have to cut corners, you could use this or Deep Tissue Repair as your serum and moisturiser in one.

$90.00 for 50ml available from KateSomerville.com