Beauty Myths No.18 – eye creams fix genetic dark circles

Dark circles driving you mad? Tried everything under the sun? Whilst there are limited things that you can do about them and definitely things that make them worse, if they are genetic, i.e., if you know for a fact that ma and pa gave them to you, you are limited in what you can do.

I’m talking specifically to my lovely Asian readers, darker-toned readers and even my lovely red-headed extremely pale readers. If you can see dark circles, and to your knowledge, there is no particular reason for them, look at your parents/immediate family. If they also have them, you’re probably genetically lined up in a similar fashion, and there isn’t a cream alive that will safely deal with that kind of dark circle.

Sure, there are excellent eye creams out there that can take the edge off, and some brightening ones that will ‘lift’ the appearance of them, but anyone that looks you in the eye and says ‘this cream will absolutely fix your dark circles’ is either misinformed, or not being completely straight with you. It’s a little easier for those of us with occasional dark circles caused by things like illness, dehydration, too much of a good (bad) thing, but genetics are hard to mess with.

If you really hate them, talk to a derm about trough filler, it disguises the dark circles because the hyaluronic acid sits just under the skin and essentially hides them.

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