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Hydraluron Revisited

I can’t believe it has been three and a half years since I first blogged about Hydraluron. In response to recent questions, I thought I would briefly revisit my old friend. The information on the original post still stands, and I would suggest you read that if you want in depth info.

In answer to the most-asked questions:

How do you use it?
It’s a moisture magnet, so you have to use this under a water-based moisturiser to get the best out of it. There’s not much point using it under an oil. If you do my regular routine, it would look something like:
Cleanse, acid, spritz/essence, eye, serum, Hydraluron, moisturiser.

Are we doing anything wrong?
Yes. Using it on its own. Don’t do it. It won’t kill you, or damage your skin in any way, but you really need to put a moisturiser on top to get the benefits.

Do you (me) still use it?
Yes! Because people see a limited view of my routines on Instagram, if I don’t show certain things for a while, I get asked if I’m still using them, or some people just presume that I don’t. I popped open another tube of Hydraluron this morning, which is what reminded me to do this post. I don’t use it daily, but it comes out when I’m dehydrated, always.

What about the other products in the line?
Although I’ve tried the sheet masks and the moisturiser version, and I always come back to the original. The moisturiser isn’t as strong as the serum, and I know people are obsessed with sheet masks, but I, for the most part, don’t have the patience. If you are young, and need a good, solid, hydrating moisturiser, you can do much worse than the Hydraluron Moisture Jelly. Similarly, if you love a mask, go for it. They’re both good. I just prefer the original. 😉

Indeed Labs Hydraluron is £24.99 and available from Boots nationwide and online at

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