Cheat Sheet – Top 5 Things American Women are doing wrong in Skincare

First things first:

  • Yes, this is a sweeping generalisation, based on my time in LA last week. Please don’t be offended if you reside in the USA and it bears no resemblance whatsoever to your routine. That’s excellent.
  • No, of course I don’t think everyone in the USA treats their skin like this, but a lot of you do. Especially a lot of the ‘Under 25’ Ladies in the LA region last week.
  • And finally, if you are not new here, there is nothing new for you today. You’ve heard all of this before. Move along, make yourself tea, come back tomorrow. 😉

So I just returned from L.A., the land of the lovely people, where I was at the Gen Beauty event with Pixi. I did two Meet’n’Greets across the weekend while I was there, along with a Q&A, where a lot of the same issues/questions came up. After I heard the word ‘scrub’ for the 50th time, I made a mental note to do this post. 1. Scrubs. Oh Lord the scrubs. You like a scrub. You LOVE a scrub. And the rougher the better. Too harsh. Way too harsh. Also: a number of you enjoy removing your makeup with scrubs. Yes really. Please stop. The ‘scratch’ is not good. And I quote:
‘I really love it when I can feel my face burn afterwards.’

2. You keep all your products in your bathrooms. It’s too hot in there. Especially in California. Please keep everything outside of your cleansing products in your bedroom if you can. 3. Foaming. I’m not saying you like a bit of foam, but the same products kept getting mentioned, to the point where I was literally itching my face.


4. Showers. You love doing all these scrubs and foaming things in your showers. I love a good shower. Who doesn’t? I just don’t cleanse my face in it. Do it afterwards, at the sink, with a washcloth/flannel, the way Jesus intended. 5. You like a ‘minimal routine’. I had a queue (both days) of 100 women at a time asking me to help them with their skin, then pulling a face at the mere suggestion that using more than a scrub and a moisturiser might possibly help. You don’t have to get on board with a seven step routine, but good skin takes more than a scrub, an oil-free moisturiser and a prayer.

Now please read this and meet me afterwards for a cup of tea to discuss: Routines Cheat Sheet