VLOG 22 – BRITs, Parent’s Evening and strange accents.

Hi Everyone! Thank you for your patience last week on here. I wasn’t around much as my ‘other’ job was demanding. Great, but demanding.

Normal week this week. Whatever that means these days. 😉

Dan and Phil!

Thank you Carly for being a top wingman (woman). Thank you Pixi for saying ‘YES!’ when I said ‘Ooh fancy doing the BRITs and letting me pummel some faces?’.

Carly and Future

Cheesy grin or what? Calm down Hirons. James Bay’s Band.

And thank you to the entire team at the BRITs, from production to events to dressing room peeps to catering. What a lovely bunch.

Jourdann Dunn in all her gorgeousness. And she’s lovely too. How rude.

Ruth, Jo and some maniac.

Carly and Gerry Leonard

Aaron Draper – Adele’s percussionist – also lovely.

Thank you Jo and Zoe, who kept us inline backstage. For the most part. 😉

See you next week!

*Every artist shown gave their express permission to be photographed, in most cases by the official photographer Piers Macdonald. Even Future, who appears to be asleep. And no, I did not give Drake a facial. Or Bieber. Calm down. (That was for my daughter. And my nieces. 🙂 )