Something we can all do for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is upon us in the UK, and while I have happily accepted my share of pasta necklaces, hand-made cards and flowers over the years, these days I’m grateful for a day without doing any washing and endless cups of tea made on demand. There is nothing I ‘need’. 

Pre-Christmas, the kids are encouraged to have a sort out and donate as much of their outgrown clothing/toys to Refuge. In the same spirit, pre-Mother’s Day, I try and do something (in my own very small way) for women around the world who wish they had the problem of too much washing and a happily noisy household. 

For as little as £6.00 you can make a donation to UNICEF to directly target women and their families in need.

This year I bought vaccines for children in Africa and paid for a baby to be born, if you have a few quid spare and would be interested in doing something similar, all the information you need is right here: UNICEF/Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day