Microbeads update – The Body Shop and Johnson & Johnson respond

Thank you for the great response to yesterday’s post on microbeads.

After the post went live, there were a few questions raised on social media about other brands including The Body Shop.

The Body Shop sent me this statement this afternoon:

‘In 2014 we made a commitment to replace these ingredients with a naturally-derived alternative during 2015, which we fulfilled. The materials that replace the polyethylene micro beads are either natural or naturally derived and biodegradable.’

This from beatthemicrobead.com in 2013 would further back that up: beatthemicrobead.org/the-body-shop-removes-any-plastic-material-from-their-products

Johnson & Johnson also responded last night with the following:

‘In 2013, Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies Inc. became one of the first companies to commit to removing polyethylene microbeads from its personal care products globally. Our goal is to remove microbeads from our products globally by the end of 2017, having met our 2015 commitment and now having alternatives available to our consumers. As always, our goal is to choose ingredients that are safe and environmentally sound and provide consumers with a great experience.’

I’ll keep you posted with any further updates.

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