Random Round-Up No.2

Hi All!

Another week – some Instagram newness for you below amongst other updates..

Kate Somerville Official Goat Milk Statement (file under – ‘things you never thought you would type’):
“We added Natural Milk Proteins to provide enhanced skin barrier function to better address the needs of those with sensitive skin.  This new formula is also clinically tested safe for sensitive skin.”

A lot of you have asked if the new formula would still be in the Hall of Fame – I don’t know yet is the answer (but I really hope so). I’m just working my way through the older formula and will keep you posted.

This is a brilliant super affordable body moisturiser if you’re dry. Dive in. Although it has nothing to do with Norway. Odd.

Do not buy this. That is all. Forms into a rock hard square shape and pees out a little water when you try and squeeze it out. I would bin it, but it’s so bad that I’m saving it for a video so you can see what I mean.

Bobbi Brown’s Bali Brown Illuminating Bronzer and Charlotte Tilbury’s Bronzer brush are my new addictions.

This poor love took a right bashing on Instagram for it’s packaging. The upshot is that I absolutely LOVE the formula and get compliments on my skin whenever I wear it. The downside is that a great many of us find it impossible to get enough out of the dropper. Although a few readers gave us tips that had been passed on from the BB teams across counters, honestly – if you have to explain how to use a foundation bottle it may be time to rethink it no? However, formula is ace.

Chanel newness is LUSH. Very much-needed and wanted extensions to the Hydra Beauty range including the eye cream (not pictured), a lotion/essence and the Flash which is gorgeous. REALLY gorgeous.

MAC Vibe Tribe is out Mid-May and is perfect for summer skins. Well, unless it’s still SNOWING in summer. Yes. It snowed today in London. 29th April. WTH?

Bobbi Brown Beach Glow Sun Kissed Pink Eye Palette was one of my most-liked pictures – you ladies do like your eyeshadows 🙂 and these are perfectly pigmented.

Votary released a beautiful luxury gift box of flannels (face cloths) and I have more gorgeous newness to show you from Votary next week. LUSHNESS incoming.

My most-used brow pencil from Studio 10 now serves as a fundraiser for Look Good Feel Better – great news, great product. More info here: http://bit.ly/1neJlZL 

Viktor & Rolf have released BonBon in a Hair Mist. Yes it smells as good as you expect it to. 

I finally got around to really road testing the Drunk Elephant Serum that so many of you are obsessed with. Review to follow.

That Laura Mericer Body Cleanse in Tea Menthe Citron is THE perfect morning WAKEUP call.

No vlog this week – too busy with loads of work that is mostly for clients and thus confidential – will keep you posted – more blog posts coming though so YAY!