Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits – hurry….

OK another one that I meant to put up when I bought them a couple of weeks ago. If you watch my vlogs you will have seen me literally ordering them on sight when Rohit flashed them at lunch (Hi Rohit!).
The problem is that they are of course now limited stock. If you enjoy a glow, a highlight, a dazzle, a jhoozsh or a flourish, you need these. That is all.

Not glittery, just shimmery goodness. I know Anastasia polarises opinions – especially on social media – her Instagram (9.6 million and counting) is often just a lot of overly made up young women that bear no relation to any kind of makeup I’ve seen anyone wear in real life, but each to their own, and these are really lovely.

They are £39.00 and exclusive to Cult Beauty in the UK – available here:

And $40.00 in the US – Sephora still has both – here:

And they are both still available on the Anastasia website:

(God that exchange rate sucks doesn’t it?)