As the blog continues to grow in readership (thank you!) I am fielding a lot of similar questions on a regular basis, the majority of which are usually very kindly answered by long-time readers in the comments section.
However, I thought a brief overview may prove helpful – and if you think of anything I say regularly and have forgotten, please let me know and I’ll update.

Flannels (face cloths)
You will need a lot of these before you get started on anything that follows.

Double Cleanse
Done in the evening, double cleansing is the foundation of a good routine. Whatever you use first, whether it’s a micellar water on your eyes, an eye makeup remover or just a greasy cleansing balm. That’s your first cleanse.
The ‘double’ part comes in when you follow it up either with a repeat of the first product, or preferably with a cleanser that does slightly more than removes product, and contains nicer ingredients that you want on your skin, or dedicated ingredients to address the issues of your particular skin type/condition.
More info here:

First Cleanse/Removal Cleanse
The product that is primarily going to remove makeup/dirt/spf.
Clinique Take The Day Off Balm – fabulous as a first cleanse, or your only cleanse if you’re too exhausted to do it more than once or aren’t wearing too much spf/makeup.
More info here:

Second Cleanse/Skin Contact Cleanse
The product that will address your skin, not just remove your makeup.
Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser – great second cleanse for problematic skins/dull skins, but you wouldn’t use it to remove your makeup.
More info here:

Acid Toning
Bringing the traditional toners up to date and starting your anti-ageing routine as soon as you’ve finished your cleanse, acid toning is exactly that, an acid product either applied via a pre-soaked pad or onto a cotton pad. Usually done twice a day, morning and evening, containing various acids. ‘Acid toning’ will be my skincare epitaph.
Biologique Recherche P50 (liquid) and NeoStrata Smooth Surface Pads (pads – obvs)

Sunday Facial/Three Step Facial
This is your way of saying sorry to your skin for the busy week you’ve had and giving yourself the extra time to actually pay attention to it.
There are a multitude of ways to do it but it usually involves an exfoliating product, a clay product, then a hydrating product to follow.
Example here:

Therapist’s swipe
A way to apply products, mainly cleansers, but also works very well for oils. Use as an alternative to ‘rubbing hands together’. Add small amount of product to the palm of one hand, put your other hand over it at a right angle, turn to the prayer position and continue around until hands are lying palms together, then swipe them away from each other maintaining contact. (video coming!)

Fannies, flights and festivals
The appropriate times/places to use wipes. I would add ’emergencies/hospitals’ but that doesn’t flow. 😉

Take it to the tits
How far down you need to go when applying your facial skincare products. Your face doesn’t end at your chin in skincare.