Five New (ish) Eye Creams I’m Enjoying

Some eye goodness that’s made its way into my inbox recently – and a quick head’s up on whether it may be for you or not.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Gel Yeux
Brand new extension to the Hydra Beauty range. Lovely light texture, superbly hydrating without being sticky, and finally a fragrance free addition to those of you wanting to use this Hydra range but have problems with scented products.
Best for: dehydrated eyes, the quickest ‘fix’
Any downside?: No
£44.00 for 15ml available from*

goop Perfecting Eye Cream
Much talked-about new line from Gwyneth and her goop brand and one of my favourites texture-wise. It’s a really lovely cream, but I haven’t used up the entire pot so therefore can’t say what the benefits are long-term, although if noticeable lines and wrinkles (esp 40+) are your main concern I’d reach for the chemical, not the plant. I will use this all up though, the texture is beautiful.
Best for: organic obsessives and people who used the word ‘toxic’ when talking about skincare
Any downside?: $90 for an organic product in jar packaging? That tells you it may well be organic but it will need to be loaded with good preservatives to keep it intact. I’d have put it in a pump myself, but I’m not Gwynnie.
$90.00 for 15ml available in the US only from

Kate Somerville Goat Milk De-Puffing Eye Balm
Another new addition to the Goat Milk range, this is more of a cooling balm than a traditional eye ‘cream’. It’s a gel-like balm stick that feels cool in the packaging.
Best for: puffy, tired eyes. Travellers, people in warm climates or stuffy offices and hayfever people. Easiest for application.
Any downside?: Contains a synthetically derived menthol so not great if you’re really sensitised in the eye area.
$38.00 for 8.5g exclusively to*

First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy AM Gel Cream
More newness. This time from First Aid Beauty, who are quietly taking over the middle market with good, affordable products that play a big game. This is the lightest texture after Chanel, and more of an all-rounder if you are worried about lines specifically.
Best for: lines, wrinkles, morning puffiness
Any downside?: Not that I can see
$36.00 for 15ml from*

Merumaya Intensely Youthful Eye Cream
Although not new, probably the most ‘anti-ageing’ of the five. Lots of active ingredients designed to target all the traditional eye concerns.
Best for: someone wanting an affordable, all-rounder eye cream
Any downside?: Smells of the echium oil, but that dissipates quickly.
£26.50 for 15ml from