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  • Kat Burki Tubereuse

    When I was doing research for the Kat Burki Cleansing post earlier this month, I came across this fragrance, completely by chance, on the Nordstrom website. It is nowhere to be seen on KatBurki.com, so I am unsure what the story is there, but I mentioned it in the post (actually I complained about not being able to get it in the UK) and the brand were kind enough to send me a bottle.

    If, like me, you are a white flower fragrance obsessive, you need to check this out. It’s softer than a lot of tuberose fragrances, which if, again like me, you tread a fine line between ‘gorgeous perfume’ and ‘hideous migraine’ is an absolute bonus.

    I lifted the notes direct form the Nordstrom website but in all honesty, they may as well be in a foreign language for the sense they make (to me). I don’t smell anything near citrus or violet, I hate both of those smells with a passion so it was a complete surprise to see them listed. Had I seen the notes before I had the fragrance in my hand, I may well have passed it over. 

    Top: green, bergamot, peach nectar, fruity, orange, ozonic fresh.

    Middle: jasmine, sweet herbal, lily, rose, neroli, violet, creamy coconut, clove.

    Base: rosewood, powdery musk, piney, green leaves, woody, spicy nuances.

    I don’t know what ‘ozonic fresh’ is and ‘piney’ is a character in Sons of Anarchy, but don’t let that put you off. 

    Regardless of what is in it, this is now on my ‘forever’ list and an absolute must for tuberose fanatics. And again, when can we have it in the UK please???

    Kat Burki Tubereuse Parfum is $125.00 and available from Nordstrom.com.

    (They don’t ship to the UK. Trust me. I tried.)