NARS Monoi Body Glow II and Monoi Candle

 OK so lovers of all things monoi – and longtime purchasers of Hei Poa – we finally got NARS to come up with the goods candle-wise. The downside is that it’s limited edition – still, if we shout loud enough you never know…!

As much as I have loved the Monoi Body Glow for nearly 20 years – the candle is my must-have. It’s huge, paraffin-free and the smell is insane.

The NARS Monoi range is available now. 

The Body Glow is £44.00 and available from  in the UK and $59.00 from Sephora in the US.

The Monoi Candle is £38.00 from and $65.00 from – but they’re going quickly.