An exciting update! It’s Facial time.

Apologies for the lack of content recently but I’ve been busy working with clients, sourcing an office space and hiring an assistant. All good stuff, but just prioritising things other than the blog the last few weeks. Alas, all that will soon change as I move into my new office space this week and once settled, I hope to have better-than-normal service and a slightly different focus on the blog from next week onwards. More of which at a later date.

I know some of you have cottoned on already, in no small part thank to my girlfriends talking about it on their social media channels (thank you Anna and Anna), but I am back doing facials, albeit in a much calmer, smaller way than in my previous life. 😉

I’ve been quietly working behind the scenes perfecting things, making sure I’m up to date with all the brilliant new machinery that is available and updating product knowledge etc where applicable – and am thrilled to announce that you can now book in with me at Teresa Tarmey’s beautiful new space in Notting Hill.

I’m putting information about the facials on their own dedicated page within the blog and saving all related comments/questions for that one space, so if you do have any questions just give me a shout. The page is clickable at the top of the blog, and I have closed comments on this post. It just saves a lot of repetition. 

I’m looking forward to meeting some of you soon. And getting my hands on your faces. 🙂

*Facial slots are now full.