IMATS London 2016 Buys

I went to IMATS this year with a list. I’ve lost out so many times in previous years by being distracted talking to friends that I literally always come home thinking ‘I wish I’d bloody bought that.’
This year I had three things on my list – all of which I did get hold of, but I also bought some extras – as you do.
First stop was Hakuhodo. The Rolls-Royce of brushes and the only ones I hadn’t yet bought. I usually use a mixture of Royal & Langnickel, Real Techniques, Charlotte Tilbury and Zoeva for day-to-day and some coveted older Shu Uemura brushes that Ive had for over 20 years. I tend to keep those to look at now, sad as I am.
The Hakuhodo stand is completely non-descript, it’s all about the product. They don’t need the pomp & ceremony. A quiet, long line of people ooh-ing and aah-ing and stroking the brushes. And what beauties they are. I only bought two. I decided to be sensible and go for two shapes that I use every day. The larger B100 will do for powder/highlighter and the smaller G503 is blush/contour.

Viseart had been on my list since Kevin James Bennett raved about them on his FB group. They’re his first choice for eyeshadows and when it comes to makeup, there is nothing KJB does not know. The man sticks his finger in a palette and tells you what lab it was made in and who else bought the same product off the shelf. Viseart are handmade in Paris and the quality is insane. The colours above are Cashmere (6 pan), Paris Nudes Eye Palette 06 (top) and Neutral Matte Eye Palette 01 at the bottom.
They’re available in the UK from

Kevin’s favourite concealer is Makeup Atelier Paris’s Waterproof Liquid Corrector and Concealer – I picked up two to mix the shades – the teeniest amount gives an insane amount of coverage and it does not budge. At all. Perfect for redness, breakouts, scarring. And the best part? It’s £12.50 normally and only £8.00 at IMATS. GO GO GO.

The beautiful Louise Young has been in the industry for over 30 years and has great brushes and product – either in a palette or as singles. Must-haves include the foundation brushes LY34, LY48 and the LY51A buffing brush. Available from PAM Makeup and

This Nanshy set is great for everyday basics. Without doubt the brushes I use the most are face, of all shapes, sizes and ‘roles’. These are perfect for that. Also vegan for those of you on the lookout. Available here:

Screenface were selling off these leather brush rolls for £5.00 so I bought two. I can’t find them anywhere online so I think these were end of line and they were just selling them off.

I grabbed this Charles Fox brush in “Big Mama’ for face masks, not body paint.

I picked up a small Get-Set-Go bag – primarily to hold my everyday favourite makeup so I can do my face around the house depending on who is asleep/around/annoying me just by grabbing one bag. Anything to save me going back and forth from the bathroom to the bedroom to the kitchen carrying everything in my hands. Available here from Screenface:

The Kryolan Brush Roll is perfect for travel – especially if I’m putting some in my hold luggage and I want them to stay intact and not get squashed. On arrival you break it in two and use them as holders. Perfect.

Bobbi Brown BBU Pro Palettes were the third thing on my list. The lip and foundation/concealer palettes are a must-have for pros and strong ‘enthusiasts’. 😉

More on these in my next post, but if you’re going today, know that they are usually £190/200 and are £130 at the show. Available here:

IMATS is on today until 5pm. More info here: