A quick one-two for Summer from January Labs

After the recent Fave Fives videos, I had so many comments asking about skins that are combination/oily/acne/sensitised/dehydrated and budgets that needed to be well under £40, that it made me look at the stash of blog posts I had prepped and rearrange them. So the reviews from the Instagram update of a couple of weeks ago are coming this week, but for now, those of you in the aforementioned categories could do worse than look at January Labs.

The Mist is old news to regular readers, but the range contains other great, simple-yet-efficacious products that won’t break the bank.

The pricing is sporadic, with the more high-end eye cream, exfoliants and day and night creams pushing the top end. However, the Mist, Moisture Balancing Lotion and Pure & Gentle Cleansing Gel are all between £18.00 and £24.00, making them great value, especially for the sizes. 

The Cleansing Gel is not foaming, and is one of the few that does not strip or dry out my skin – and is a whopping 237ml/8fl ozs for £24.00. Combo skins and boys, this one is definitely worth looking at.

The main reason for the post is the lovely Moisture Balancing Lotion, which I have found myself recommending to quite a few people this summer. It rehydrates and rebalances, literally like it says on the pack, and does so without causing further irritation or clogging pores. Working on literally all skins, I tend to reach for it when I’m using a particularly active serum or pardon the phrase, sweating like a horse (sorry). A little goes a long way, and for £21.00, the 60ml is a good 20% larger than average for moisturisers.

January Labs is one of the brilliant up-and-coming independent brands based out of California and as such is not as easy to get hold of as some, but if you’re daft like me, that makes you want it all the more. I know I know. I really should see someone about it. But it’s FUN.

January Labs is available in the US from www.januarylabs.com and in the UK from CultBeauty.co.uk who do ship internationally to a lot of countries.

Cult Beauty lists all ingredients.

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