Fortune Favours The Brave Palette

Blogging is a funny old thing. Those of us that have been around for a while have seen it go from a keyboard hobby to fully grown businesses for the lucky few. I don’t think anyone would have predicted in the early days that bloggers would be writing books, making films, appearing on TV and most exciting for me, collaborating with brands on events, launches and products. Sam and Nic Chapman aka Pixiwoo are behind the biggest-selling brush brand in the world, Real Techniques. Wayne Goss has his own beautiful high-end brushes available through Beautylish. One of the longest standing bloggers in the UK is Jane Cunningham from British Beauty Blogger. 

Back in March, Jane and Makeup Revolution quietly released a palette called Fortune Favours the Brave. A 30-pan eyeshadow palette covering everything from shimmers to mattes to mixed shades suitable for all ages, skin colours and tones. The palette’s launch and subsequent huge success was driven exclusively by Jane’s readership and the online community, receiving no ‘press’ at all (no surprises there).

Jane’s little piece of the internet has since had three sellout runs and this month launched in Ulta in the US.

The joy of blogging is that anyone can do it. It’s accessible to everyone. What some people don’t always realise and recognise is the amount of hard slog that goes into making it as a successful blogger. It’s hours and hours and days and weeks and months and years of persistent and consistent effort. The success of Jane’s palette is a success for all of us and the best example of hard work paying off.

It’s also a bloody good palette for a ridiculously good price of £9.99/$15.00.

I’ve yet to see one instore as it is always sold out, but it is available online here:
UK –

Congratulations BBB.