Hall of Fame – Makeup Atelier Paris Waterproof Liquid Corrector & Concealer

A few months back I attended IMATS and did a tour around the room with my great friend Kevin James Bennett. He walked me over to the Love Makeup stand and essentially told me to buy these. No option. 

I felt what it must be like to go cleanser shopping with me. ‘Buy this. Don’t talk, just get your wallet out.’

They were £8.00 as a special show price so I bought two. Well, reader, I married him wish I had bought all of them. 

This concealer has replaced all of my usual choices, with the exception of my Urban Decay Naked, which I have kept on hand because it’s slightly thicker, so good for active blemishes.

I use this around my eyes, on pigmentation, on scarring, all over. It’s light, non-drying and dries quickly. The clincher though, for me, is the waterproof feature. If I was in a circus sideshow I would be ‘The Incredibly Sweaty Woman’ and this concealer DOES. NOT. BUDGE. The weather in London has been uncharacteristically hot this week and this concealer has been a life-saver. 

I mean it literally stays put like a dog waiting for it’s owner to come out of a store. Or a kid waiting for you to come out of the loo (speaking from direct experience on that one). 

So, I’m bringing out the Hall Of Fame badge. For it’s price, colour range and quality this is a no-brainer. For reference, I use FLWA2 and FLWA3, but there is a great guide for how to pick your correct colour on the website here.

It’s £12.50 and for some reason is not currently available at LoveMakeup.co.uk so the links are:

MakeupAtelierParis/WaterproofLiquidCorrector – available to buy here

LoveMakeup.co.uk – not currently on sale, but a brilliant site worth investigating if you’re a true makeup obsessive

Kevin James Bennett – puts the word ‘Pro’ back into Professional Makeup Artist – I love him. There is nothing, nothing, this man does not know about makeup. I will buy whatever he says, whenever he says it.

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