Bobbi Brown Instant Detox and Skin Nourish Face Masks

Earlier this year Bobbi Brown launched additional face masks to their range, which already offers one of the better selections of skincare from what is essentially a makeup brand. The two don’t always co-exist nicely, but in this case, there are numerous products in the Bobbi skincare that I use frequently, and hold their own when up against ‘skincare’ brands.

The Instant Detox and Skin Nourish masks are the ones that I gravitated towards, giving the perfect book-ends to a Sunday Facial.

Instant Detox is in a base of amazonian white clay, and suitable for most skins. If you were particularly sensitive I would avoid the cheeks and patch test. I found it to be perfectly comfortable and not tight or drying.

The Skin Nourish mask is lovely. It’s an obvious last step if you’re doing my Sunday Facial/multi-step facial as it’s the moisturising element that you can leave on or even sleep in. This is great if you’re perpetually dry/dehydrated or just dull and lifeless. Hydration is the quickest fix for those skins.

Both of these reviews would have gone into more detail had it been possible to source the ingredients online, but where Bobbi Brown shows that it is truly a makeup brand, is in their complete lack of ingredients and transparency when it comes to the information they provide when talking about their skincare.

Nowhere online, including my usual trustworthy Sephora, lists the ingredients of these products. Not one list, anywhere.

I would go on about it, but I feel like we’ve been here so many times before, that if the brands don’t care, and the retailers don’t care, then why do I keep going to the trouble of tracking them down myself? I have used the phrase ‘list your ingredients’ in 78 posts on this blog.

Brands: It shouldn’t be left to bloggers and Beautypedia to type out your ingredients for your customers.



Bobbi Brown’s masks are £33.00 and available from JohnLewis/Selfridges and – they’re lovely to use – just don’t ask me what’s in them.

*For the record, Charlotte Tilbury lists the ingredients of the Goddess Skin Clay Mask (also in the picture) in full on her website and will get a full review this week on the blog.