FAQs from the Fave Fives

If you’re a regular reader you will know that I am currently stopping my kids from killing each other daily on a really peaceful holiday in Greece and so haven’t responded to the insane amount of questions/comments under the recent batch of ‘Fave Fives’ videos. There were, however, a few questions that were repeated so often that I thought I’d address the all together in one place, killing two birds with one stone. (Actually that’s a really horrible saying. Leave the birds alone.)

When do I apply my SPF? First or last?
Always last. SPF is your coat. It goes on top of moisturiser and under makeup.

When do I apply my retinol/vitamin A? 
First thing after cleansing on a dry face, unless otherwise specified. 95% of vitamin A products, and all prescription strength ones, go onto dry skin after cleansing. There are newer formulations, such as the Zelens one in the picture above, but that is covered in the video.

Can I use acids before my retinols?
There is no flat answer to this. You can, but it will be on a case-by-case basis. I mention in the video that I wouldn’t use P50 with Ketrel cream, but I would use P50 with Luna/Zelens/Pestle & Mortar etc, so you’ll have to use your common sense. If your face is burning, STOP!

Can/Should I use moisturiser after retinols?
Yes. Unless specifically stated otherwise. I always do. And I don’t leave a huge amount of time before I do so. Life is too short to set an alarm to put face cream on.

Can I use my holiday SPF as a City SPF?
Of course you can. But bear in mind that they will be thicker, feel more ‘present’ on the skin and therefore perhaps not as good under makeup. City SPFs are finer in texture and are normally really pleasant to use.

And a final word to those of you from other parts of the world asking me to talk specifically about products from your country. If I can’t see it, buy it, and play with it, it’s not on my radar. Sorry. Start a blog from your country – there’s clearly a need! 🙂