Where the hell have you been? Part 453

Guys I took my computer to Cornwall last week with the full intention of editing and uploading the videos in the current Fave Fives set, only to find we had zero-to-mild signal and that uploading was never going to happen. I know I owe you the videos and thanks for the daily (hourly) reminders about them. I’m not being evasive, I’m just enjoying summer with the kids (I’m still ‘working’ working obvs) and although the rush to blog is still filling my head and planning/notebooks – it’s just taken a little seat while I hang out with the fam. I’m going as quick as I can. I promise.

It’s just that this dude and his siblings are a lovely distraction. I’m here. The videos are coming. Promise. Just let me enjoy all the cheek-biting that I can while he still tolerates it. 😉

Please hold caller.