Bookish Monday

The one thing I buy as much, if not more than skincare, is books and music. Yes, I still buy CDs, the old-fashioned way. 

Book-wise, I’m a sucker for a beautiful, good, solid hardback and there have been an abundance of them released in the last month.

First up is Bloom by the lovely Estee Lalonde aka Essie Button-of-old to those of us in the blogging world. Bloom is a journey through Estee’s life so far and is done really beautifully, almost like an extra long blog post with fabulous photographs. A joy. Available from: 

Estee’s site can be found here:

I remember shopping for Lime, Basil and Mandarin shower gel in Jo Malone’s first store in Walton Street in London. Since then she’s sold the business to Estee Lauder, survived breast cancer and opened Jo Loves, while being a wife and mum along the way. This is the story of her journey. Available from Amazon: More info on Jo can be found here:

Sali’s second book looks at iconic beauty products through the decades and is a cross between a fun encyclopedia and a trip down memory lane. LouLou fragrance anyone? 

A breeze to read, it’s an excellent reference book and a perfect Christmas present for the beauty lover in your life. Available here: More info on Sali here:

Finishing up with The Coveteur. I am fairly new to this site, but I am completely addicted. If you like nosying into people’s wardrobes/dressing rooms/general living spaces, be warned, you’ll be here for hours. The book is beautiful. Big, hefty, bright and chock full of exquisite photography.

Available from Waterstones: and the website is here: Be warned – make a brew before you start.

As an aside: every time I googled these books, Amazon came up first. Can we please support traditional booksellers? The absolute joy of meandering for hours in a bookshop cannot be matched by having something delivered to your house with lightbulbs and phone chargers via Prime delivery.

To that end, here are some of the best:

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