Checking In

Ah good people of the interwebs. Thanks for all the tweets/messages asking after me. I’m here! I really am. There’s absolutely nothing wrong, I just have a lot of work on. I’m not saying ‘I’m busy!’, we’re all freaking busy. I’m just over here working hard outside of the blog. 

Videos will be back.

The blog will be more regular – like a good bowel.

Instagram is my spiritual home despite their attempts to bugger it completely.

I’m in the States this week for a flying visit so keep an eye for lots of Snapchat and Insta activity. 

Do you prefer Instagram stories or Snapchat? As an aside, I don’t think I have the energy to do both. 

Anyway, watch this space, stay tuned etc… lots of fun stuff coming up.

Let me know what US brands you want me to review. I already have The Glossier. All over it Mama.

I’m off to hit Target, Duane Reade, CVS, Ulta, Old Navy, Walgreens and Sephora. My personal home planets.

*Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments – I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t respond to all of you individually.