Christian Dior 2-in-1 Prime and Colour Correct

One of the more annoying things about getting older (cough) is the necessity of dealing with skin discolouration as part of your daily makeup routine. Dullness, redness, dark circles, dark spots, the list is seemingly never-ending and seems to get longer as the years pass.
However: fear not dear reader, this is not a ‘woe is me’ post. At least there is something we can easily do about it. Christian Dior are the latest to offer an updated version of colour-correcting with the Fix It Colour: the Prime and Colour Correct stick brings some sophistication to what is essentially old school makeup artist/filming/backstage tricks.

Used specifically around the eye and lip contours, the centre of the bullet (imprinted with the CD logo) is a soft-focus powder to give an even, perfected skin surface and fill in wrinkles like a wrinkle-busting primer.
Around the central core, a green, yellow, apricot or blue shade targets and neutralises colour imperfections.

100 Blue: anti-dullness action
The lilac-blue colour is great on yellow-toned Caucasian skins and Asian skins. It evens out tired complexions for extra glow. Dabbed on the light-catching areas – the forehead and the tips of the cheeks – it gives them a rested look.
200 Apricot: perfect for matte or tanned complexions
Designed to even out dark skins, it tones down greyness, diminishes dark spots and corrects areas of hyper pigmentation and dark circles that tend to affect an olive skin.
300 Yellow: corrects dark spots and circles
On light skins this erases violet-tinted shadows, from blood vessels to circles under the eyes. It neutralises lips with a blue hue, bringing out the real colour of the lipstick.
400 Green: the anti-redness tool
Especially good for light complexions and rosy skins, used lightly it fades blood vessels and flushed areas. (i.e. hot flush klaxon)

The Christian Dior 2-in-1 Prime and Colour Correct is £23.00 and available from 

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