Giorgio Armani Beauty Lip Magnets

I have some quick flashes of proper makeup porn coming for you this week. First out of the gate is Armani and the Lip Magnet Collection.

I thought it was a twist on the packaging – which is, as always, the best in the business. Sorry everyone else, but it is. Alas no, Lip Magnets are the new matte liquid lipsticks that bind with the lips like a magnet. Ahhh. Got it.

The new lip lusciousness is inspired by two of Giorgio Armani Beauty’s most iconic products: the ultra-thin film of Maestro Fusion Makeup and the intensity of Lip Maestro velvet lip colour. These are extremely finely textured and pretty much weightless. They’re non-sticky and feel like you’re wearing nothing. Available in 18 shades, they’re pretty close to the perfect ‘matte’, non-drying, colour.

They last up to 8 hours, but are four times thinner than a liquid lip colour. FOUR times thinner. You apply one coat, wait for it to evaporate and intensify, and then reapply if necessary to seal the deal.


Giorgio Armani Beauty Lip Magnets are £27.00 and available here: Selfridges/Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets and via Armani online here:

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