Give and Makeup Shoebox Campaign 2016

Our campaign for 2016 is now live. As always, the children need all of the following:

Pyjamas, clothing, slippers, books, crayons, colouring books, suitable dvd’s (they will be checked), toys, sweets, chocolate, magazines, comics, dolls – pretty much anything that you know a child/young person will appreciate.

Please ensure the following:

  • gifts are suitable for ages between newborn and 15
  • no toy weapons
  • no items of a religious nature
  • new or nearly new please
  • boxes can be packed according to one child/gender or a mixture across all ages


I would politely request that you check all parcels have sufficient postage as per this post:

For the first time, this year’s Shoebox Campaign has been brilliantly supported by the very talented and generous team at DewGibbons + Partners.

‘DewGibbons + Partners are the beautiful thinking agency. Give and MakeUp addresses a cause very close to our hearts and is an initiative that deserves everyone’s full attention, we couldn’t help but give it all of our support.’

I cannot thank them enough for their hard work, dedication, professionalism and generosity of time, talent and spirit.



THANK YOU EVERYONE! And Merry Christmas!