New from Oribe – and Red Lips – Current Favourites – November 2016

If you saw my ‘In The Bathroom Part 2’ video with Sali Hughes, you’ll have seen that although I wear two types of lip products, a strong red lipstick and a baby pink lip gloss – I have approx 372 of each type. Where my house is showroom clean with bleach, I reserve my right to hoard a lippy. I don’t mind about price, I love some Rimmel and L’Oreal Reds, and I equally covet the higher end of the market. Having said that, I have avoided the Louboutin craze thus far. My background just can’t get its head around a £65.00 lipstick, no matter how exquisitely packaged. 

Oribe, however, have just jumped to the top of my price tree with their new Lip Lust Creme Lipsticks, three intensely pigmented colours that are paraben and mineral oil free, as well as being vegan and cruelty free. All the niceties aside, this lipstick has the instant gratification of the gorgeous packaging, the ‘clunk-click’ of the lid and the beautiful, deep yet bright of the red. The smooth, satin feel is on a par with a Tom Ford or Chanel and the colour lasts well.

Oribe Lip Lust will be £32.00 and the Oribe Beauty Waitlist is open now and available here: – I’ll update as they go live. Get involved. Gorgeous.

Dior Rouge 999 is one of my favourites, and now I have my hands on the matte version too. Happy Days. Perfect for ‘bun days’ with a scarf and a nice handbag, although I’ll still be in my Adidas. 😉

Dior Rouge Dior 999 is currently £23.85 from and they’re $35.00 from 

I think MAC have surpassed themselves with these two reds. On the left, from The Nutcracker Sweet, is So Good For You, technically a matte, but it’s not drying or ‘flat, and is possibly the best red for me that I have seen in a while. Still available from for £17.00.

From the Selena Collection on the right, Como La Flor is more sheer, but a perfect ‘lip red’ colour, and still available online via MAC here, probably because she wasn’t as well known in the UK, which is the only reason I can think of that these colours haven’t already sold out.

‘Fashion Legacy’ is the perfect name for the last red on this week’s face*. This one is a heavy-duty ‘suede’ feel that glides on like silk.

Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolours are now £17.50 and available from Selfridges and Mac online.

As an aside, MAC are in the process of lowering their prices across the board, so keep an eye out for the extra few quid in your pocket.

*These reds will be on my face throughout the next few weeks via my Instagram (No vlog this week, work too busy).

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