Sarah Moon for NARS

Here’s what happens when you put your head down and get on with your work and don’t pay a lot of attention to your post and then walk around Selfridges and think ‘Ooh pretty!’ and realise that your makeup posts are way behind. So it is with an apology that I am letting you know about this beautiful collection from NARS because I’m sure it’ll be close to selling out.

Sarah Moon for NARS is a beautiful Limited Edition Collection from the fashion photographer and was inspired by classic cinema, in particular, Metropolis.

While I could wax lyrical about the contents, background etc, what you need to know is that it’s about as giftable as it gets at this time of year, and if you buy them, you won’t want to use them. Mine is going straight in the ‘limited edition’ stash, only to see the light of day when Ava eBay’s it behind my back.

The ‘Get Real’ Lip & Eye set in particular is a lucite keepsake box, that reassuringly weighs a ton, and looks amazing on a dressing table (says she, stashing it away). 

So if you can bear to actually use it, the Sarah Moon for NARS collection is available now from in the US and in the UK – who have been given some exclusives, so worth checking them out first.
They all have stock – I’m not that mean, I did check!

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