Six and a half years – and changing your mind

So the blog is six and a half years old. In that time I’ve written 1308 posts. Really not very much on the scale of blog post measuring.

Talking to a facial client today reminded me of products that I’ve reviewed in the past that I either no longer use, have grown out of love for, or simply changed my mind about, which is I think is acceptable and understandable given the large passage of time.

Here’s the conundrum. As readers, do you think you’d prefer it if I went back and updated the original blog posts? Or just mention in passing if someone asks me about said products? 

As bloggers (across the board) we tend to have a ‘leave it and don’t change it’ policy, but I’m aware that this site is used as a resource and I can see that a lot of older reviews are still read every week, which makes me think I should alter reviews. A happy medium would be using strikethrough and updating next to/under the original review.

I sometimes completely forget about products to find that readers may say ‘do you still use XX’ and I don’t. Sometimes I haven’t used that product in a long time.

So lovely readers: Thoughts?