Facials in the New Year and comments


Just a quick one re: facials in the New Year. I haven’t opened the books yet as I am travelling in January (for work!) and am waiting until the dates are locked down. So many of you travel to see me that I don’t want to risk taking bookings and then having to cancel. Not cool. 

When we do open, we will automatically go to the waitlist first, so please don’t worry about emailing again. We got you.

Also: the Clinic is rammed at the moment and closed over Christmas and New Year so if you have emailed, please don’t worry if you haven’t/don’t receive a personalised reply. Your emails all go to an individual file, we have them, we’ll get to you as soon as physically possible. Thank you for your patience.


I have a backlog of comments on the blog and even more so on YouTube. I intend to get to these in a heavy fashion over the Christmas break. I honestly cannot wait. I love interacting with you – so apologies if you feel ignored, I promise I’m getting there. I appreciate each and every one of them.