Thank you for the heads-up!

Ok everyone – sincere apologies. I’m still getting to grips with this new site and the Disqus commenting system. Firstly, it’s showing ads for some of you – something I was unaware of, until I checked and realised that there were over 100 comments on the post advising me of them! If you are seeing ads it’s because of setting you have – cookies or ad settings etc – I have ads completely disabled on Disqus.

At the moment, I am locked out of Disqus. Can’t respond, don’t get notified when you comment. Happy Days. I will respond to you as soon as my commenting system allows me to. Sorry.

In the meantime, thank you for attempting to let me know about the dodgy Victoria-Beckham-(non) endorsed-scam creams and if you see any ads,  anything on this site that makes you think ‘Hhmm, that doesn’t fit with Caroline’s usual ethics/takes on things/rants, simply ignore it, check your settings and tell it to: