Behind The Scenes with Teresa Tarmey – Fractional Treatments

Hi Everyone!

We thought that a Behind The Scenes treatment video that was more vlog than clinical might be fun. The topic of this one is Fractional, more of which below.

Huge thanks to Teresa and Emily for letting me invade their treatment time.

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Further info on Fractional for Teresa:

  1. It is a clinically proven machine to deliver dramatic results and effectively treat textural irregularities, scarring, wrinkles and correct pigmentation. It combines Radio Frequency and Micro-needling technologies. It gently damages the surfaces of the skin, heats the inner layer of the skin, initiating the formation of new collagen and forcing your body to repair damaged collagen to make the skin look more defined and firm. Scars are revised. It is the latest technology from Alma lasers and is the most advanced skin resurfacing technology on the market providing an improvement in the skins overall appearance with a very short and mild downtime. The rolling applicator delivers electromagnetic energy, it creates multiple controlled micro-perforations which are then surrounded by the thermally injured zones deep into the skin. It is a quick treatment, after an application of topical anaesthetic we work over the face, neck, chest where applicable. You would ideally need 4 treatments monthly.
  2. The skin will redden or can redden post treatment. This is a normal reaction and will usually go down over the following 2 days. The skin will experience dryness over the following week as it heals.
  3. We would see a dramatic improvement in the skin’s texture, while lines and wrinkles are reduced, acne scarring is reduced and depending on depth of scars they will be less noticeable and reduced. Visible pores are decreased and lax skin is tightened. A course of several treatments would give the best result. Amazing results on the face, hands and décolletage.
  4. We can treat all skin types and ethnicity safely.
  5. It has minimal discomfort, we apply a topical anaesthetic before treatment and the treatment is super quick and last around 10 minutes maximum.